Friday, April 11, 2014

Anime Reccomendation (2013-2014)

mmn.. if i have to recommend what anime/manga to watch for the latter part last year up to current (2013-2014) and the current season, it would be the following:

Ace of Diamond - baseball anime, the manga currently has 40 volumes already, ahhn, this one is awesomesauce, but maybe it's just me because i'm addicted to sports manga/anime, another plus is that it's not full of super power like KnB

Gin No Saji - from the author of Full Metal Alchemist, i can't explain how awesome this manga is, i was just sucked by its storyline and characters! who would know that a story about agricultural school life would be that interesting? this one proved it!

- anime just started this season~ this one is a good sports anime/manga too~ i'm not really a fan of volleyball, but this one is interesting and a lot more realistic than KnB~

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - i recommend the light novel or the manga of this if you want to know the story immediately, because the anime would be a pain to wait for, but maybe the sfx and action scene would even the wait out~ but it's one awesome storyline!! i can't wait of how it'll end!

Golden Time - a romcom shojo anime for a change~ college setting romance anime with an amnesiac guy and a rich girl

Buddy Complex - honestly, if it's meccha anime, i got to watch it, no questions asked, i have to watch it. that how i'm into meccha i am~ plus it's SUNRISE! more or less the mechanism of the mecchas are patterned to Pacific Rim.

Log Horizon - plotline almost similar with SAO, so if you can't get enough of SAO, be sure to check it out!

Baby Steps - another sports anime/manga (yes, i am really into sports anime! ugh, they are my drug!) it's about tennis, very much like Prince of Tennis, but this one is a LOT more realistic because there's no special moves involved, plus it shows that hard work and determination can really pay off!

hmmn, sports anime is certainly 'in' this year~ haii~ perhaps that's it~ tata~

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