Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plushie family!

and so continuing my addiction with felt plushies, i made some more, this time i would like you to meed gemu-chan and gemu-kun! they are game boy inspired plushies where i got the idea when i'm browsing google images..haha :)) here they are!

kawaii deshou? hihi

i actually made another plushie, its kyaaamera!

kyaaamera with gemu-chan ;3

if you guys want to make your own game boy inspired plushie i made some template for you guys to use.. 
stitch them on the side and fill it up as you go and voila, you'll get this cute little plushies :)

made from AutoCAD 'cause i'm hopeless at paint or PS.. thanks AutoCAD!! haha

bye bye~!

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