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Kakumeiki Valvrave: Episode 2 Summary

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Episode 2 has been subbed!!

Episode highlights:

Episode Screenshots
  • Apparently, when the main protagonist Haruto bit the Dorssia Army named L-Elf, it allowed Haruto a Body exchange, and by using L-Elf’s military trained body, Haruto and his friends were able to get away from L-Elf’s comrades, shooting one of them in the eye before escaping.
  •  The Dorssia army took over the JOIR colony and keeping its citizens as hostages.
  •  Haruto while using L-Elf’s body managed to take back the Humanoid which is being held by Dorssia. Haruto retrieved his body at the same time and did once again an exchange by exactly doing the same thing as he did before.
  • With Haruto recovering the Humanoid, he is set once again in taking revenge to Dorssia and chasing them out of the JOIR colony.
  • During the battle, when the Humanoid reached 100 and Haruto expected it to be useless once again; it is just actually a prelude of another transformation of the machine. The heat capacity changed into 666 and when the machine reached it, it glows bright yellow and performed a Harakiri! With the machine’s sword piercing the engine, enabling a new surge of power that defeated one of the strongest machine of the Dorssia, altogether chasing them away from JIOR.
  • Apparently Haruto’s love interest, Shoko is still alive; she called him while he is on-board and she was just buried underground inside the car.
  • When the battle was over Haruto and Shoko got reunited, but instead of continuing their love confession that was interrupted, he turned it into gag, afterwards he ran away. Crying on the alley, he claims himself as a monster and should be incapable of feelings.

My Reaction:
                Uwaahh~ didn’t expect that change when Haruto bit him. The questions from before is still unanswered, so yeah, I’m still excited with the next episode, I need some explanations! >.<  Good episode with all those battle scenes. I love how crazed Q-Vier is [one of the military guys].

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