Sunday, March 24, 2013

Felt Plushies :3

i've been dying to make felt crafts/plushies for a long, looong time but as a busy(okay, not really, more like LAZY) university student i can't really find the time to really do one, and my biggest trouble is where to buy felt fabrics! @_@ good thing i found this shop at facebook named Pretty Clipz that sells fabrics and different craft materials and voila!, i bought some and went crazy over doing these cute crafts~ :>

first i watched some tutorials on youtube to get the gist of what to do, and good thing i got a very awesome channel~ HapyFriendsShoppe and this is her blog hapyshoppe she do a lot of cute and awesome things, i am so in love with those!!

and these are what i made from her tutorials:

the first thing i did is this sushi roll, and oh boy it was a bloody one!! accident with the needle and boom, 20ml of blood loss... here she is, onigiri roll-chan~!!

link to ms.aiko's tutorial : sushi plushie

and then the next one which i immediately did after finishing onigiriroll-chan, is pudding-kun and this time there is no blood involve and i managed to do it really well. (yosh!)
link to ms.aiko's tutorial: pudding plushie

and then i still can't stop doing it!!! so the next one is my original design, and apparently he looks like kumamon:

And because I am so crazy doing this felt crafts i did again some the next day. And since i've been wanting to have a cat charm or pendant, i did a Neko basu plushie! :> and i'm happy of hot it turned out :3

 and the last i did as of this moment, kaeru-san!! it's a plushie i attached to a clip, put some feathers and voila it can pass of as a cute clip :)) hihi

and that is all for now~  currently thinking of what to do next to add to my cute plushie family!! :))


  1. those are really cute plushies! You can make a living out of this. :)

    I am inviting you to join my friend's giveaway. Hope you can join. :)
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    1. thank you!! <3 i'm still perfecting it, but maybe someday.. hihi

      oh, i'll surely join, i love giveaways~ hihi :))