Sunday, January 27, 2013

rain rain go away charms~~

teru teru bozu (TTB) are originally used as like a 'rain rain go away' charm, but i found them really cute and easy to make, so instead of usually hanging them on my window, i used them as a keychain for my bag as i've posted in my earlier blog post.
college classmates saw them and think they're uber cute, so they asked if i can make them one, so yeah, in order to spread the charm of these charms, i made another TTB dolls  :>

i think of them as twins~ the one on the right is already finished as you can see he already has a chain on his head, and i already gave it out to my classmate. The one on the right isn't done yet, since i can't find spare chains here from broken keychains, so yeah, i'm on a mission to find one or two!!

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